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What Happens If You’re In An Accident With A Learner’s Permit?

Posted on 10/23/23

Accidents happen. They can happen to anybody on the roadway, including those just learning to drive, as well as those who have been driving for years. However, what happens when a person with a learner’s permit gets into an accident on Texas roadways? The aftermath of an accident involving one driver with a learner’s permit can be confusing, but there are specific procedures in place, and insurance will typically cover the incident.

Reporting the Incident Like Any Other Crash

After any vehicle accident, the police should be notified. Under Texas law, individuals are required to call the police if an accident results in serious injury, death, or property damage that exceeds $1,000. 

When an individual has a permit and is involved in a vehicle accident while driving the vehicle, the police will come to the scene and conduct an initial investigation, just like any other incident. They will speak to all parties involved and fill out an accident report. Drivers with a permit are legally allowed on the road so long as they have a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the passenger seat.

If the driver who has a permit commits an infraction, law enforcement officials will issue a citation. If a person receives a citation while driving with a permit, this could delay the process of receiving an actual driver’s license.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Regardless of whether the driver with a learner’s permit caused the incident or another driver caused the incident, the claim will need to be filed with the insurance carrier that ensures the vehicle. Remember, insurance policies typically involve the vehicle, not the driver behind the wheel. If you loan your vehicle to somebody, you will still be on the line for paying compensation to the other party because your insurance follows the vehicle. We can apply the same principle to allowing a driver with a permit to operate the vehicle. 

The insurance carrier should know about the incident on the day it occurs. The individual who owns the vehicle will likely need to file the claim with their insurance carrier and let them know what happened. The initial claim does not have to be in-depth, but they will ask basic questions. We encourage you to reach out to a Laredo car accident lawyer who can guide you through the process of filing the claim and then pursuing compensation if another party was at fault for the incident.

If you are the parent or guardian of a minor who has a learner’s permit, insurance companies typically recommend that you notify them that there is a learner driving one of the vehicles. This minor can be added to the policy, and it usually does not increase the premiums by too much. However, this does add some needed protection, mainly because the insurance carrier will not be caught off guard by someone with a permit operating the vehicle after the incident occurs. Having the minor as a part of the policy also protects them because they become part of the “named insured” in the policy language. 

If another person was responsible for causing the accident, then the driver with the learner’s permit and their adult passenger may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages if applicable, property damage expenses, and more. Speak to a Laredo injury lawyer to learn more today.