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Laredo Wrongful Death Attorney

In the event you have suffered or are currently suffering from the wrongful death of a loved one due to a wrongdoer’s negligence or recklessness, you, as the injured person or party, have important legal rights available to you. The untimely and unexpected death of a loved one often leaves families in a difficult emotional and financial situation. Unpaid medical and funeral costs compound the emotional distress. The emotional pain, torment, and suffering experienced as a result of a wrongful death more often than not devastate families. In wrongful death cases, family members may be entitled to money or compensation if the negligence or recklessness of a third party or wrongdoer is proven in Court.

The wrongful death attorneys at Nevárez Law Group, PC. stand ready to help with all of your legal needs. We will compassionately and aggressively handle your wrongful death case.

Why Choose Nevárez Law Group for a Wrongful Death Claim?

  • At Nevárez Law Group, our compassionate Laredo personal injury lawyers focus on providing a client-centered approach to every case, which means that we will take the time to listen to your family’s goals and needs.
  • We have the resources necessary to handle every aspect of your claim so that you can focus on mourning the loss of your loved one while we work to hold the at-fault party accountable.
  • We take wrongful death claims in Laredo on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not have to worry about paying any legal fees until after we successfully recover the compensation your family needs.

How Will an Attorney Help With a Wrongful  Death Claim in Laredo?

Laredo wrongful death lawyer


Wrongful death claims are incredibly emotional and challenging, and family members and estates should not try to handle these claims by themselves. A Laredo wrongful death attorney can use their resources to fully investigate every aspect of these claims. They will:

  • Gather all evidence needed to prove liability
  • Work with economic and financial experts to calculate total expected losses
  • Handle all communication and negotiations with the other parties
  • File a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court, handle the discovery and prepare the claim for trial

What is a Texas Wrongful Death Claim?

When we examine Texas law regarding these claims, we can see that a “wrongful death” occurs if:

  • An injury is caused by another person or entity’s “wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskilfulness, or default,” or
  • The injured person would have been able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party had they lived.

At Nevárez Law Group, our Laredo accident attorneys have helped family members and estates who have lost loved ones in a variety of ways caused by the negligence of others. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

If a death occurred on someone else’s property, it is imperative that you explain your case to our experienced Laredo premises liability lawyers as soon as possible.

Can Family Members File Wrongful Death Claims in Laredo?

Laredo wrongful death lawyer

In Texas, the law specifies who is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In this state, this includes the following:

  • Spouse of the deceased
  • Children of the deceased
  • Parents of the deceased

Any one of these individuals is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the others. If the surviving spouse, children, or parents fail to file a lawsuit within three months from the date of death, the executor of the estate will be allowed to file the claim in court, unless the surviving family members have specifically asked that the claim not be filed.

What Are The Wrongful Death Statute Of Limitations In Laredo?

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of another individual, company, or entity in Laredo, you need to file your claim as soon as possible. The wrongful death statute of limitations in Texas is two years from the date of death Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003 (2021). If this statute of limitations expires, you will no longer be able to file the lawsuit and recover compensation for your losses. 

There are very limited circumstances in which a valid claim can occur after this two-year time frame, but this is rare. We strongly encourage you to work with a skilled wrongful death lawyer who can walk you through this process and help you recover the compensation you need.

In addition to the statutory time frame in place under the law, if the wrongful death claim involves insurance carriers, there are other deadlines that you need to be aware of. For example, if the wrongful death results from a vehicle accident, most auto insurance carriers require that claims be reported within a day or two after the incident occurs. Failing to adhere to insurance carrier deadlines could unnecessarily delay the claim.

Types of Compensation Available to Family Members

Wrongful death lawyer in Laredo

If a wrongful death claim in Texas is successful, the plaintiff’s losses (damages) will be awarded to the deceased individual’s surviving spouse, children, parents, or other beneficiaries. The most common damages awarded through a Texas wrongful death claim can include a range of losses, including the following:

  • Lost earning capacity, including future wages the deceased is no longer able to provide
  • Lost benefits the deceased would have provided as a result of their employment
  • Lost inheritance, which includes what the deceased would likely have saved to leave to surviving family members had they lived
  • Last care, services, support, advice, maintenance, and counsel the deceased would have provided their family members
  • Lost companionship, comfort, love, and consortium the deceased would have provided
  • Emotional and psychological anguish experienced by surviving family members

These are the economic and non-economic losses typically recoverable through a successful wrongful death claim in Texas. In some cases, plaintiffs may be awarded punitive damages, often referred to as exemplary damages. These types of damages are only available in cases where the death was caused by extreme gross negligence or intentional action on the part of the defendant. The purpose of punitive damages is not necessary to compensate family members but to punish the wrongdoer and to deter any other individuals from engaging in similar conduct.

There is no set amount of compensation available for a wrongful death claim. There are various factors that can influence how much compensation is paid out through an insurance settlement or a personal injury jury verdict. We strongly encourage you to work with your skilled wrongful death lawyer who can examine all of these factors with you. Typically, an attorney will work with trusted economic and financial experts throughout the course of your case to help ensure that you and your family, as well as the estate, receive a fair amount of compensation.

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If you have lost somebody that you love as a result of the careless or negligent actions of another individual or entity in the Laredo, Texas, area, turn to the team at Nevárez Law Group for help immediately. We offer compassionate and experienced lawyers who have a track record of success ensuring that family members and estates recover closure and compensation for their losses. When you need a Laredo wrongful death attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling us at (830) 776-7003.


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