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What Injuries Constitute Permanent Disability?

Posted on 09/05/23

There are times when individuals sustain injuries so severe that they cause a permanent disability. It is important to know that “permanent disability” means something very particular when it comes to recovering compensation through the Social Security Administration. However, permanent disability also plays a role in work injury cases and workers’ compensation claims. 

Partial Permanent Disability

This is one of the most common forms of disability you hear about and revolves around a person sustaining an on-the-job injury. Partial permanent disability (PPD) will typically allow for injured workers to receive 2/3 of their average weekly wage if they are unable to perform their job-related duties while recovering from their injuries. For example, if a person sustains a back injury at work and needs a month off, a partial permanent disability can help provide some income in the meantime.

There are various stipulations in place under Texas law for receiving partial permanent disability benefits, so please refer to your work injury lawyer if you have any questions about your benefits.

Permanent Disability After a Work Injury

Under Texas law, individuals could receive lifetime income benefits, but only in certain severe injury cases. These include individuals who sustain the following types of impairments:

  • The amputation of or complete loss of use of both hands or feet, or one of each
  • Complete blindness
  • Traumatic brain injuries that result in space severe and incurable mental impairment
  • Spinal cord injuries that lead to permanent paralysis in both legs, arms, or one of each
  • Third-degree burns that cover at least 40% of a person’s body and require skin grafts or burns that cover most of both hands or a hand and the face

Lifetime benefits will be 75% of a person’s average weekly wage before their injury, and these benefits are increased by 3% every year.

Social Security and Permanent Disability

Individuals can receive Social Security disability benefits if they sustain an injury that leaves them certifiably disabled based on the SSA’s disability schedule. The qualifying condition must significantly limit a person’s ability to do basic work-related activities for at least 12 months. For each major body system, the SSA has a list of medical conditions that they consider severe enough to warrant permanent disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration has a range of disabilities based on bodily systems, including neurological disorders, cardiovascular system issues, skin disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, cancers, immune system disorders, mental disorders, and more.

Working With an Attorney

If you have any questions about a permanent disability you have sustained or suspect you have sustained, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. When you have a skilled personal injury from Laredo, you will have an advocate who understands the disability process and can help you work towards gaining the compensation you need. Disability claims can be challenging, and it is not uncommon for insurance carriers or the Social Security Administration to push back and deny a claim. Your lawyer can help you work through the appeals process by gathering the evidence needed, explaining your options to you, and handling many court appearances on her behalf.