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How To Get A Motorcycle License In Texas

Posted on 10/23/23

Individuals wishing to purchase or ride a motorcycle in Texas need to obtain their Class M license in order to operate the vehicle. There are specific procedures in place for obtaining a motorcycle license in Texas, including taking a motorcycle safety course or showing a valid out-of-state motorcycle license. 

A Motorcycle Safety Course

When we examine the information available from the Texas Department of Public Safety, we can see the various steps to obtain a motorcycle license, including taking a motorcycle safety course. Individuals can look on the website to find an approved motorcycle safety course. Upon completion of the course, they can bring the certificate of completion to the DMV to receive the motorcycle license.

In the event a person has a valid motorcycle license from another state, the Texas DPS will waive the requirement for the motorcycle safety course. A completed motorcycle safety course in Texas is only valid for 24 months after issuing a certificate.

Vision and Knowledge Tests

You will need to take a vision and knowledge test before receiving a motorcycle license in Texas if you do not complete the motorcycle safety course. Similar to what you experienced receiving your vehicle driver’s license, you will go to the DMV to have your eye exam, and you will also take the knowledge test at the DMV. We encourage you to obtain a motorcycle operator training manual for the state of Texas and review this carefully before taking the knowledge test.

Motorcycle Drive Test

The motorcycle drive test can also be waived if a person completes the motorcycle safety course. However, the draft test cannot be waived if the applicant is under the age of 18. When considering the best options for obtaining a motorcycle license, between taking the motorcycle safety course or going the traditional route and taking the written test and then the driving test, we do recommend taking the safety course. These courses are taught by certified motorcycle driving instructors who can help give you the skills needed to handle all of the challenges of the roadway.

Out of State Applicants 

Individuals who currently live out of state but want to add a motorcycle endorsement to their Texas driver’s license must generally follow the same steps but will need to complete a separate out-of-state driver’s license application

Minors and Motorcycle Licenses

The process of obtaining a motorcycle license in Texas is different for those under 18. Individuals between the ages of 15 and 17 must prove their identity and citizenship by bringing their Social Security card, motorcycle insurance documents, and motorcycle registration. Texas also requires motorcycle operators to prove that they are attending high school and passing their classes. 

There are some separate requirements for minors wishing to obtain their motorcycle license, and we encourage you to browse the Department of Public Safety website to understand what is needed. These requirements are different depending on the exact age of the minor. 

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